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Imagine… Life without the moon? The nights wouldn’t be as dreamy. No moonlight walks. The night sky would just be an empty space. No light in the dark night. Hmm… and just like the moon… We add a silver lining to the brands. No hidden agendas because… The road to creativity is paved with good intentions.… We’re solid. We’re dependable. We generate impactful work. We bring stability. Our creative solutions are known to tame the most volatile brands. We’re romantics. We’re passionate about our work. And we love brands. We’re The Moon. Romance with us.

We at Moon Studio bring to the table both experience and freshness of thought. The Moon Studio is a state-of-the-art production house extensively involved in Ad Film-making, Radio & Photography, based in India & West Africa that offers a perfect balance of creative expertise, technological superiority and experienced talent force.

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